Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Birth and The Death of Day

Tonight's been one of those nights. The ones that feel like a train speeding down your tracks, hitting you with a Bang. Or, as I imagine, an uppercut to the chin by Larry Holmes. Or, on contrast, when you realise you have to get over that 'one' person. Just cause.

Not that any of it has anything to do with tonight.
But, Am I Wrong?
Everything's reaching the end of my fingertips.
I feared the devils thats raging inside of me. I embraced the sins swelling inside of me.
I bust a gut washing away all my sins. I carried through with it. I won.


All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone... those Explosions In The Sky

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I am a giant, defiant Fuck You to them who feeds off the people who lives to please.
I plod over the curtains silhouetting the pleasers.

I am a giant, defiant Fuck You to the storm of judgements and perceptions thrown my way.
I write to entice your curiosity into heavier doubts.

That's where I stand.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Team Ghost

This is my jam.

My thirst for shoegaze just had a major comeback.

Friday, July 22, 2011


ZING!! Ouch.

At least I know Im not the only one who feels that way. It's always nice to have a lil patience, just to wait for someone else to shove it up in the other's ass. Hah. Im a mothafakin genius.

Still, what used to be a clear flawless hollow crystal ball is now abused, tainted and cracked on its every inch of surface. All it needs is that little push, to shatter, just a little! Just do it, come on, let what's been brooding ominously inside burst out. COME ON!!




September 27th come NOW!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Decade

First mini, last-minute, reunion of the 6G St. Andrew's primary class of 2001 last night since, I think 8 or 7 years ago. Only a few days back did I realise its been...a friggin decade since I, or really, We have parted ways from that class. Gaddaymn. Brings back all the childhood memories of being a in a class of 40-ish number of kids. HAHAHA. Ato ramai kami seclass ah. All the main guli, main balloon sessions, nasi lemak ayam, pop mee, getting kicked in the shins, being super round, the teachers, the other classmates who couldn't make it, etc. were still imprinted in the back of our heads. It feels great to see them again and know where everyone is right now. The laughs and reminisce are great. Best of all, there wasn't a single awkward moment with them. Proves we all really go way back. Childhood for the win.

10 years and everyone I've reunited with still looks very much the same. Obviously 10 years older, but everyone's still very recognisable. Apart from weight, height, build or a goatee(apparently in my case HAHA), there wasn't a hint of unfamiliarity in our looks. Maybe its that we've spent 6 years straight in the same class with the same people from an age of about 6 till 11.

We'll be having another one soon where most of us can make it, or will be back in Brunei. And before some leaves Brunei.
Super excited.

Barely a quarter of our whole class:

Sally, Fahmi(hipsta udah), Tsen Yok Bin(cina cali hantap), Eric(orang buff udah)
(Brandon balik before this)

Andrew Wong(orang kurus berabis :O), Tracie, Yvonne, Rachel, Elli, Aisyah, Zaila

Can't wait to meet again very soon!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

One Hell of a Light

Sometimes, when you're lost in a dark winding path where the eyes allow only to see the wretched and grim ahead of you, well sometimes it only takes a comfortable group of very familiar faces known from what feels like eons ago, put in a room or just a night out. Thats all it takes for the blind eye to see a light that has always been shining for what seems like forever.

These past days and nights have been a gentle solace to my heavy heart and mind. Sitting around them with conversations of the past calls to mind the greater memories. Bad or good, those times many years ago were ones that couldn't pass putting a smile on any of our faces. I mean, we literally grew up with one another. Even if we didn't live under the same roof or next to each other, we did grow up together. It was us against the world, once upon a time. No one gave a fuck about the outside.

I've never looked upon reminisce with a greater insight than I have ever before. Tuesday night, was one hell of a night, for me at least. Well, the whole of that day basically.
An honest laugh, an honest share of laughter, thats something I haven't had in a long time.

Fuck being under the influence of a higher echelon state of mind, it can't get the better of honest conversation, honest bonds and again honest laughter. As much as anyone says it's only an advancement to reality, but in reality, they never realise their denial that it's an escape or a path astray. Sadly that will always be a blind eye to anybody. I, have seen past it. I dare you to say otherwise. I really do. I'd throw any of that "Shit" away if it's what it takes to knock sense into you if you do say otherwise.

So Tony, as much as I respect you, but "Remember when..." is never the lowest form of conversation. Forget now, Im looking forward to the tomorrows where we'd just again, like a buddy of mine keeps saying nowadays, lakastah melayan buduh, while we still can.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Last Known Surrounding

Explosions In The Sky's first ever official video. Get ready for psychedelia.





Monday, June 20, 2011

Still Alive, Who You Love

The world's society's been rubbed down to a shiny minuscule nub. Held together, but only just, by a pretentious 21st century interpretation of the information superhighway. A highway, conjoined as an infinite loop, so obstructed by the plague of social media. A medium where freedom of speech was raped into a new lesser, mindless approach form of confrontation. Confrontation. Or so it's meaning that we understand by in this generation. The times are truly changing.

This road is tampered by freshly melted tarmac and rubbish. Scorched and littered by those ignorant fucks who take pride in their own ill-informed douchebaggyness. Leave us staring down the barrel of your smoking guns. It's cocked and it's loaded. The trigger's a perfect fit for a middle finger. Now just fucking cause this massacre upon us already. We're not ready. But who gives a shit about it right? For the rest of us, at least we'll go together.

There's more life and colour in a Kubrick or a Hitchcock classic than living reality in this era.

Just ride the waves, they say, but all I see are these never ending tide of fucking tsunamis.

Lets just leave it all to the higher power of our minds.

"settle past a patience where wishes and your will are spilling pictures, water’s running through in the valley where we grew to write this, this scripture:

never gonna break
not for a part in any gamut of the dark"